The Tibetan Phrasebook

Amdo Literature


Colloquial Amdo Tibetan

One of the best books on Modern Oral Amdo Tibetan. The author, Kuo-ming Sung has provided most of the revised book's chapters on his Lawrence University website, for free. This book has an audio component, that may not be available from the author's website.

Modern Oral Amdo Tibetan

The other main resource for learning Amdo Tibetan. Unfortunately, the book and accompanying audio are expensive.

The King Tree

A popular mnemonic grammar poem transcribed and translated by The Tibetan Phrasebook. It is mainly used by Tibetan grammar schools to teach children the rudiments of syntax and morphology. Damdrin Tashi, an Amdo language teacher based in the UK, has also recorded an Amdo dialect reading of it that can be heard when opening the above link in the external PDF reader.

The Tibetan Phrasebook 2013 (E-Book)

Our very own phrasebook which comes with accompanying audio in which all the phrases are read out, at a natural pace, by native speakers. We believe this to be one of the most useful and practical tools for learning the Amdo dialect of Tibetan in 2013. For purchase here, on the website--use the link above or access the PayPal link through the main menu.