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Dear Tibetanist,

This e-book is based on the "New Phrasebook" listed in the menu. It is a digital print version of what is available here, at no charge, on the website.

Preview The Tibetan Phrasebook (2013), here.

It's basically a transcript of all the New Phrasebook audio content--in English and two different Tibetan scripts. The main purpose of the digital print version, or e-book, is to allow those wanting to extend their study of colloquial Amdo Tibetan into reading and writing of the spoken language. These transcripts are an attempt to faithfully reproduce what is said in modern colloquial Amdo dialect, and not phrases of classical literary Tibetan! The emphasis here, even in reading and writing, is to supplement the speaking and listening of colloquial Amdo Tibetan, by seeing what is actually said, and also, to develop rudimentary literacy in the common scripts. Again, this is not a manual of classical Tibetan, yet mastery of any colloquial Tibetan dialect is invaluable to any serious Tibetanist.

The Phrasebook also comes with all the audio provided here, on the website, in mp3 format, downloadable via a link provided to our Dropbox account. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.


The Tibetan Phrasebook