The Tibetan Phrasebook

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The Tibetan Language Student

This is an excellent resource for beginners being introduced to the Tibetan language. The site is small enough that one can comfortably navigate its entirety, yet large enough to encompass the numerous aspects of interacting with the Tibetan language as a modern-day student, exploiting the many technologies available for efficient learning. Most notably, the site has resources to read Tibetan: the alphabet, sentences, and short texts are all read out-loud by a native speaker of Central dialect.

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library

A massive digital resource of all things Tibetan and Himalayan, including resources on various Tibetan dialects. The site is comprehensive, but due to it's sheer size, not always the easiest to navigate. The site is maintained mostly by Tibetan scholars, and so is replete with academic resources of all kinds, related to Tibetan and Himalayan studies.

The Language Feast

Specific to Amdo dialect, it is a particularly good resource pooling together many things aimed at teaching Amdo Tibetan, as well as other websites focused on the increasingly popular dialect.

Learning Amdo Dialect

An excellent portal of resources aimed at learning Amdo dialect. This site is run by Professor Frances Garrett of the University of Toronto and is complete with Tibetan transcribed recordings of Amdo dialogues, bibliographies of Amdo dialect dictionaries, links to ethnographic clips, films, and reviews of Amdo dialect instructional books. Furthermore, this website is exceptionally careful in distinguishing the various sub-dialects of Amdo, and as such, is especially useful for scholars and advanced students of Amdo Tibetan.

TibetSites Directory

The Tibetan Phrasebook has recently been listed on TibetSites, a massive directory of websites and blogs on Tibet. TibetSites' mission is to literally include information for everything and anything related to Tibet--from music, movies, language, school listings, spirituality, food, art and politics, and much more. It is certainly one of the most ambitious undertakings of Tibet-related things I've ever seen since the THDL.